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What’s up guys! Gerardo here & today is BLOG Monday. Today we will be discussing The Bodybuilding Supplement I Can’t Live Without. Not that I have mentioned it before, but every Monday I will be releasing a new blog that will be geared to help you in your journey with the gym & your lifestyle.

It is something a little extra that I wanted to implement on the website & as we get back to normalcy after all this corona virus situation.


Let’s get this out the way first. Natty or Not (which means taking PED for accelerated muscle growth) it does determine how good the supplement I am about to share with you works. Regardless if you are natural or not, the body still requires food, rest & training to stimulate the muscle growth. The advantage is that with PED you can grow at a quicker rate. So that goes without saying that regardless of your current stance – the supplement I will mention will work.

bodybuilding supplement protein

The Truth About Bodybuilding Supplement

The truth is… THAT IT FIRST & FOREMOST IT IS A BUSINESS. The supplements companies are of course providing you with essential things your body & muscles need to grow, but they also produce a ton of useless things to help generate revenue of the misinformed public.

When working with my clients I ONLY suggest the supplements that work. I never recommend a supplement that will not get you closer to your goal. After all the years I have been doing this there are a HANDFUL of supplements that I really trust and have given me REAL results.

Optimum Nutrition Protein


Alright we have made it to the point of no return. “So G, what is your favorite supplement or your go to essential bodybuilding supplement”. Well to those that follow me and have seen a few of my YouTube  videos you will remember that I love… Protein!

Now I know what your thinking. “I just read all this so he can tell me his essential supplement is protein”? Well Yea you just kind of did. Nah I am just joking!

In all seriousness Protein was the first supplement that  actually gave me visible results within a short few weeks. It has been in my supplements stack for 10+ years and it is the one supplement I rely on.

After the gym – it is super easy to drink & you can get your 40-50g of protein immediately after training with no issues. Protein is the most essential molecule when you are considering building muscle. It all revolved around protein. So if you are not getting enough from your diet alone, look into a protein supplement. You will thank me.


BSN Synbtha 6 Protein

These next few proteins I am about to share with you are numbered in order from most favorite to least. Also I am no way associated or affiliated with any of these companies.

1.) BSN Syntha 6

Pro: Taste Amazing & mixes Easily

Con: Sometimes can be too sweet?

2.) Dymatize ISO 100

Pro: Mixes easier than anyother protein & it is a Whey ISO protein.

Con: Not as sweet as Syntha 6

3.) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Pro: Mixes Easily

Con: Not any, but I do notice price seems to vary a lot


So wrapping this up, don’t forget if you are missing protein from your diet and working out, inevitably you are going backwards. Make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet. The easiest way to achieve this apart from your diet is looking into a protein supplement that can help you reach your needs. That is why Protein is The Bodybuilding Supplement I can’t Live Without.

I will see you next Monday on here & if you have any suggestions about what you want me to write next Monday just click here to contact me through here on the website!

Much Love,



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