The 3 Best Chest Exercises you should be doing in 2020


Up to this point – I am sure you’ve seen a few of my YouTube videos going over a few of my favorite chest workouts. If you have’t well you’re in luck, because today I am explaining my Top 3 Chest Exercises that I used to grow my chest in 2020!

I will explain The reasons why like it & I will give you 3 tips you should keep in mind when doing it. 

Now… Let’s Get Started With The Top 3 Chest Exercises in 2020!

Top 3 chest workouts in 2020

Reasons Why I Like It:

  • Easy To Get A Massive Pump.
  • Can Feel The Muscle Stretch.
  • Don’t Have To Go Heavy For a Great Workout.

My Three Tips:

  1. Don’t Go To far Back & Hyper extend.
  2. Focus on Mind-To-Muscle Connection.
  3. Great Starter or Beginner Exercise.

2.) Incline Dumbbell Press
Reasons Why I Like It:

  •  Equally Distribute The Weight.
  • Focuses On The Major Part Of The Pectoral.
  • Helps Develop The Hardest Part Of The Chest To Develop.

My Three Tips:

  1.  Push Up and Not Forward – Check Your Form!
  2. Use 45 Degree On The Bench
  3. Keep both feet planted to keep you steady
Top 3 Chest Workouts

Reasons Why I Like It

  • Perfect Exercise For A Massive Pump
  • Builds Overall Chest Thickness
  • Distribute Weight Equally and easier on joints vs Barbell

My Three Tips

  1. Pyramid your weight up ( Do not start heavy)
  2. Watch your form – Track Your Elbows Trajectory
  3. You really only need to go parallel – only go lower if you feel like you can.

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